Traditional MLM Prospecting Vs the NEW Online “Attraction Marketing” Methods

The “Attraction Marketing” Method of prospecting is gaining a lot of momentum in the online Network Marketing scene of late. It is even being embraced by many traditional Offline MLM “gurus”! What makes this online marketing method stand out from the rest at the moment? In this post I will explain the reasons for its superiority over traditional prospecting methods.

This new approach to lead generation being used by a growing number of Network Marketers online today eliminates the need for old school traditional prospecting methods, such as:

o The uncomfortable cold calling of purchased leads
o Holding home meetings
o Attending high cost seminars
o One on one opportunity presentations
o Canvassing your “warm” market (family and friends)…and so on.

It also sure beats the heck out of all those people who spam their opportunity to everyone with a heartbeat, or email address. Lets face it, there are that many people just pitching their opportunity online today, if you take that approach your just going to get lost in all that “look at me” noise going on at the moment. Ask yourself this!… who is more attractive? someone giving away “how to” information which is of benefit to you and the growth of your business, or just getting another link to one of those replicated company generated websites that rarely have anything on them but hype about their XYZ Juice!

Simply put, Attraction Marketing eliminates everything that has been “Unattractive” about promoting your MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Sales or Affiliate opportunity in the past, for anyone who embraces this new style of business building. It removes the “sales process” which then takes the pressure off you personally if your not a “Top Gun” recruiter.

Attraction Marketing is gaining real traction as the preferred method of prospecting. It offers a level playing field for new people choosing to use the Internet to build their business, you now have the same chance of success online as all of the Master Recruiters/Big Players you hear being talked about offline and not all that far behind those already into it. No more need for killer public speaking skills or a psychology degree to “Attract” people to you and your opportunity.

To use this method you simply have to present yourself as an expert, or the “goto” guy or gal. I know!…I can almost here you say…How can I do that, I’m only new to all this, I’m not an expert! I fully understand, I had those exact thoughts myself when I was introduced to the concept. The fact is, no matter when you begin, you will almost certainly be ahead of the thousands of new people flocking online every day searching for ways to build their business.

All you have to do is get started, start educating yourself today! Just do a Google search on “attraction Marketing” and you’ll soon have enough material to put yourself ahead of the next person, by virtue of your research and the knowledge you gained!:-)…If your desire is strong enough…you’ll get started today…if you want to shorten your learning curve, I can supply you with the Blueprint!