Effective Internet Marketing

As we have learned building a website is just a start to creating an internet presence. You can have a beautiful looking website, but if it’s not getting any traffic you might as well put a billboard at the bottom of the ocean!

There are many theories on how to drive traffic to a website. AdWords, AdSense, key names, keywords, etc… All of these may be effective, but they take time and money. Most businesses need RESULTS TODAY/NOW! The only effective way I see that happening now is through Opt-In email marketing.

Email marketing is very effective. It’s very much like direct mail, but through email. You can’t confuse Opt-In emails with SPAM. Opt-in emails are people who have opt-in to receive online marketing. Like Direct Mail it’s a numbers game. But, unlike Direct Mail you have the undivided attention of your prospect because they are only seeing your email when they click on it. No other advertisement, but YOURS! If it is something of interest they can easily click on the link which is designed to drive them to your website. Now it’s up to your website to hold their attention.

This brings us to another effective way to gauge the effectiveness of your website. If you’re getting the traffic to the site, but they fail to navigate past your homepage then you know there’s work that you need to do to improve it and make it more effective.

Now let’s talk cost effectiveness. You can send out hundreds of thousands to millions of emails each day for as little as $75.00. Send out that many postcards in direct mail and it will cost you thousands of dollars!